Election Worker Facts

Who are our Election Workers?

Our Election workers are civic minded members of your community such as your friends, neighbors, former school teachers, retirees and veterans, all of whom are proud to serve our community as election workers. We count on each one of our election workers to make our voters glad they  exercised their right and privilege to vote.

How do I qualify as an Election Worker

  • Be registered to vote in Washington County
  • Be able to work at the precinct from 6:00 am until after the polls close at 7:00 pm (a minimum of 13 hours)
  • Be able to move and assemble several 20 pound voting booths
  • Be able to deal with the voting public in a courteous, patient and efficient manner
  • Attend training prior to each election

What are my responsibilities as an Election Worker?

  • Attend required training sessions
  • Arrive at assigned precinct by 6:00 am on Election Day (Be prepared to stay all day)
  • Prepare the precinct for voting
  • Set up all needed equipment
  • Provide assistance to voters if needed
  • Greet the voters, verify their signature and picture ID
  • At the end of the day, close the precinct and prepare Election materials for delivery to the elections office

How much will I be paid?

Clerks: $200/day + training

Asst. Clerk: $175/day + training

Deputies:$150/day + training

Election Workers: $150/day + training

Download and complete Election Worker Availability Notice

Special Note to Retirees:

Under Florida Retirement System, you must allow a full year's lapse prior to working as an Election Worker.

Note From Your Supervisor of Elections:

Dear Registered Voter,

We sincerely appreciate your interest in serving as a Election Worker. Your interest in participating in the democratic process is to be commended!

As you may know, Election Day can sometimes be very hectic, but at its completion you can be proud of the part you played by serving as a Election Worker.

Please complete the Election Worker Application below either online or print it out and return it to our office at your earliest convenience. The 2020 Election Cycle is soon to be underway and we may have some positions to fill.

Looking forward to working with you!


Carol F. Rudd
Supervisor of Elections